The New Evolution for Nicotine Intake

There has been a new sensation sweeping the nation that is not only changing the marketing landscape for nicotine products but is also beginning a larger debate about nicotine products in general. The new products taking over the market are e-cigarettes and these new products are changing the nicotine market for the better. These products are not only changing the way the country looks at nicotine consumption, but also opened a larger debate about health and wellness within the country. These electronic cigarettes can be discreet and very effective in helping traditional cigarette smokers either stop smoking or move to a healthier alternative to cigarettes. These products have opened a whole new set of options to people who either want to quit smoking or to people who have considered trying something like smoking but wanted a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. For a good informational reference on electronic cigarettes visit

These products, although having been around since the early 1970’s, have taken mainstream market placement in recent years on the back of the new health initiative sweeping the country. These new e-cigarettes can come with either replaceable cartridges or in a disposable form, depending on the preference of the customer. Though there has been serious opposition from several different advocates to these products sweeping the market, it has had little or no effect on the popularity and usefulness. The large tobacco companies and other special interest groups have strongly opposed the health benefits and effectiveness for treatment.

These products have evolved into a large variety for different customer preferences and also can be found with different nicotine concentrations to suit a particular customer’s needs. The new e-cigarettes are available in different colors and sizes; this can be a big plus for some customers who do not wish to give off the appearance of smoking an actual cigarette. As these products continue to grow in popularity and make their place in the market customers will see new innovation and technology arise. These products have already cemented their place within our society and we can only expect to see good things and new innovation come from this particular niche.

Are E Cigs Bad? See What the Doctors Say

When electronic cigarettes began to get popular, smokers realized that there may be hope. Hope of being able to lay their cigarettes down for good! It does seem to be the wise choice since electronic cigarettes do not contain the same deadly toxins found traditional cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 toxic chemicals, 70 of which are known cancer causing carcinogens.

Why Not Quit Smoking All Together

The truth is that quitting smoking can be more difficult than an addict freeing themselves from the addiction of heroin or crack cocaine. Cigarettes are the most addictive drug available. Cigarettes kill more than 400,000 smokers each year and several thousand non-smokers from second hand smoke alone.

Stop smoking aids rarely work to help people quit and quitting cold turkey is almost impossible. Especially without the mindset. Another reason it is so hard to stop smoking is because Big Tobacco manipulates the nicotine content in cigarettes to keep smokers addicted.

When You Can’t Quit, Make The Switch

I am not saying that electronic cigarettes are healthy or good for you because they are not. But when they do not contain the same deadly chemicals in cigarettes and still provide you with the nicotine that you are addicted to then why not. It’s common sense. If you are ready to make the switch then check out In the meantime, see what the doctors say about electronic cigarettes!